Single-leaf 3070 or double-leaf 6070 pre-finished non-handed entry doors. Door leafs with cylindrical or mortise lockset may be provided with a solid metal facing or a pre-glazed narrow vision window. The premium assembly is complete with trim, weather stripping and threshold. Optional accessories include door leaf closers and push bar exit devices.

The 3’ x 11’ white translucent reinforced fiberglass panels for MRIIB roof coverings transmit up to 60% of natural light. Optionally, these light panels may also be provided with UL90 wind uplift construction rating or insulted with a U value of 0.5.

Mill-finished windows are pre-finished bronze and designed self-framing with Shadow A or MRII wall coverings with one-half width horizontal slide operation. The assembly is complete with removable screen and trim. Provides as either non-insulated 3’x3’ (HS33) or 6’x3’ (HS63), also available as insulated in the same sizes (HSI33 and HSI63).

The fixed 2’x7’ window is pre-finished bronze, pre-glazed and self-framing with Shadow A or MRII wall coverings. Provided with bronze trim as FG27 for non-insulated or FGI27 for insulated with a U value of 0.69.

White operable louvers are self-framed and trimmed for all our wall coverings. They are provided with bird screens and chain operated blades to provide openings to 75% of the louver size.

Resilient rubber cone shaped roof jacks for small roof or wall penetrations. Provided with sealants to flash various diameters from ¼” to 18”. This jack adjusts itself to the angle of penetration.

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