Building Systems

Single Slope Flush Girt

These aesthetically appealing, low-profile, single slope roof systems are designed for situations in which the visibility of the roof, drainage of water or entrance and parking arrangements are important considerations. The SFS system features straight sidewall columns in order to maximize the interior floor area. This is an ideal system for applications such as shopping centers, small businesses, and office or lease complexes.

The SFS system is economical for small width structures (40-50 ft. and under) in which column free floor area is required. It provides maximum interior clearance in comparison to the SES system. It is less economical than the SET system except for use in narrow buildings with small bay spacing (25 ft. and under). The SFS system is not recommended for building projects using collateral walls.

The preliminary transverse sectional dimensions are intended for use during the building planning stage and are based on: width, height, loads as charted, roof slope of 1/12, and bay spacing of 25’-0”. These dimensions will vary when: different design criteria’s or other loads, open or partially open walls, width extensions, canopies, overhangs, etc., are supplemented to the system. Dimensions are based on 8” framing members. Actual frame dimensions and clearances may vary from those listed above. If frame dimensions and clearances are critical, they must be specified on the quotation and/or order document.

For more information, you can follow this link to view the Transverse Section Specifications for the SFS System.